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noun  jour·ney  \ˈjər-nē\
:an act of traveling from one place to another

Congratulations! You have taken the first step in your Retirement Journey, to gain knowledge. Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials each have their own distinct timeline towards, and beyond, Retirement. For some, Retirement is nothing more than a distant dream that is rarely considered. For others, Retirement is an overwhelming decision deadline due in the coming weeks. Regardless, Horizon Financial Services, Inc. exists to provide vital education, translate the complex to simple, and build trust to join you in your journey. We believe that turning knowledge into action is a more favorable approach than turning action into knowledge.

On this website, you will begin your interactive journey towards, and beyond, Retirement. By clicking on the generation that you belong to you will gain access to an abundance of information specifically designed for you. We have Quick Tips, to get you started in the right direction, combined with Videos, Articles and Calculators. Financial Literacy is something we are passionate about and we encourage you to share this information with others.

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Experience Matters. Since our founding in 2000, Horizon Financial Services, Inc. has remained focused as an Oklahoma based Financial Advisory Firm devoting specialized advice to K-12 and Career Tech employees, their families, and friends. Our guidance has accompanied thousands of Oklahoma Educators on their journey to, and beyond, Retirement, and we remain at the forefront of our industry in education, financial products and advocacy. Focusing our experience in the areas of Oklahoma Teacher’s Retirement, Social Security and Tax Advantaged Retirement Accounts has given our clients the cornerstone of knowledge required to make their financial decisions.

In 2001, after the President signed into law the Economic Growth and Tax Reconciliation Act (EGTRRA), we were pioneers in offering clients the Governmental 457(b) Retirement Plan as a preferred vehicle to start saving for retirement. In 2003, we co-founded the Oklahoma Educator Recruiting & Retention Plan where districts utilize the unique capabilities of the Governmental 401(a) Retirement Plan to structure matching retirement plans and other salary alternative plans. In 2009, we faced sweeping law changes to the Governmental 403b Retirement Plan prompting our districts to turn to us for direction and management of these new burdensome regulations. In 2013, growing numbers of Educators considering Retirement created the need for our annual statewide retirement workshops and webinars which are now considered a must see before retiring. Today, we are engaging our network of clients and employers on the need to offer Exchange Trades Funds (ETF’s) and eagerly awaiting the Department of Labor’s new regulations affecting retirement plans.