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Our Investment Solutions

Investments are like a foreign language, and a Financial Advisor is your Interpreter. There are an enormous amount of real life outcomes possible, and that is complicated by the huge selection of investment options and changing regulations. The value of a financial advisor can be found in areas beyond traditional portfolio construction and re-balancing, but the appropriate investment of your assets is a critical part of your overall retirement plan. At Horizon, we practice a disciplined approach to achieve diversification and to manage risk appropriately on your behalf. Our management of your portfolio will be guided by your investment needs, your risk tolerance level, income tax considerations, your goals and dreams, and your unique time horizon. This process begins with an in-depth client discussion, or risk questionnaire, designed to answer these questions. Once this information is obtained, we assemble a portfolio using a variety of diverse assets geared toward achieving your goals. In addition to holding a diverse portfolio of equities and fixed income, further diversification may be achieved by including alternative investments or sectors. These holding are then monitored and adjusted based on your needs.

Diversification does not guarantee aginst market loss