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Millennials- Estate

Only 34% of Americans have a will. A will allows you to designate a guardian for your minor children, a process you definitely want to have control of. Otherwise, the court decides who will care for your children. Also, a will gives you the power to name an executor who will carry out the business of your estate. The law does not require that a will be drawn by a professional but we recommend you seek professional legal advice on estate planning matters. Contact us today for a list of our estate planning referrals.

Tips for Finding Care for Your Special-Needs Child

The care of special-needs children continues into their adult years, and may survive the passing of their parents.

Will Power

Preparing for the eventual distribution of your assets may not sound enticing. But a will puts the power in your hands.

Do You Feel Lucky?

Recent changes in estate tax laws could affect the strategy you have in place.