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Baby Boomers- Retirement

Can you (or your beneficiary) afford to live on a fixed income in retirement? Did you know that choosing the OTRS Maximum Option will reduce your deposits to $0 in less than 3 years leaving your beneficiary only a small $5,000 death benefit? What about the partial lump sum option, is that a good idea or a big mistake? What about wear-away how does that affect you? It’s time to develop a projected retirement Cash Flow Analysis so you can be confident in your monthly income at retirement, and be confident that your beneficiary(s) have proper planning in place. Before selecting your OTRS lifetime income option you should be aware how each of these 5 lifetime income options (including the lump sum if applicable) will affect you, and your beneficiary, in retirement. Your sources of income might include Oklahoma Teacher’s Retirement System (OTRS), Social Security, distributions from Retirement Accounts, or part time employment.

How to Obtain a Retirement Cash Flow Analysis If you are considering retirement in the near future you will want to take advantage of our free cash flow analysis consultation. When you start putting all your options down on paper the choices can be overwhelming. Adding a spouse or other beneficiary can complicate this exercise even more. We can help you translate your options into a customized strategy and give you guidance on Oklahoma Teacher’s Retirement, Social Security and creating income from your investments. Since 2000, transitioning clients into retirement has been the cornerstone of our business and widely recognized as a unique service to our education market. To take advantage of this free opportunity, please provide the following:

Step 1 – Go to OTRS and print your benefit estimate (include spouse if applicable)

Step 2 – Go to Social Security and print your statement (include spouse if applicable)

Step 3 – Provide account statement(s) for any retirement savings

Quarterly or Annual Retirement Account Statement(s) 


Contact Us to provide the requested information and we will schedule a phone consultation to get you started on your retirement journey.


Did you hear what just happened with Social Security? Congress just eliminated two popular strategies used to get greater retirement benefits. In October, Congress passed a new federal budget. In doing so, it shut down the file-and-suspend and restricted application claiming strategies for Social Security, which married couples used to try and maximize their combined retirement benefits. It’s time to review how these new laws affect you, and your spouse, and develop a Social Security Strategy that will create the maximum amount of income for your situation. Deferring Social Security until Full Retirement Age (age 65-67) could increase your monthly benefit by as much as 7% annually, and it could help a surviving spouse live on a higher amount of benefit when compared to drawing at age 62.

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